Volunteer Spotlight on Kammie

151205 Kammie 3.1This year I am the Co Lead for Entertainment and Hosting along with Darkstone Aeon. We book the Live Performers, DJ’s, Tribute and Dance Shows with all the Hosts to help us. I have done a lot of volunteer work in RL, mostly with small children, thus I have an incredible amount of patience!!

I feel we can make an impact through Second Life by simply being kind to each other! YES this is a virtual world, but WOW, behind all the AVIs are real people and YES this is very cliché, but it is something so simple that so many forget. If we all work together as one big team just imagine how much more we can do!!

I am so thankful for my beautiful girls, they keep me young and sane, I have been incredibly lucky to have met some of the best people in SL, they have stuck by me through good and bad, have been my biggest RL cheerleaders, my strength and I consider them my RL family!

And I wish you all Bigger and Better in the New Year!

Thank you to Kammie and all of her hard work to help make the 2015 Christmas Expo a great success!!!