Volunteer Spotlight on S.I.D.


I am the coordinator for the Snowman building contest. I set up everything that was needed, and I am happy to say that it already was a success. All 20 spots were taken and we have a real hodge-podge of unique snowpeople! I am very proud of our creators, everyone is a winner !

I strongly believe that unity is the goal to be successful. I want everyone to feel included, no matter how big or how small their contribution may be, no one can do this alone, but together we’re strong. I don’t see barriers, I only see people, no matter where they come from or what language they would speak. There is always a way to bring everyone together, and Second Life is a great place to do that.

My holiday message is: Kindness and mercy is the only real answer to violence and war.

Sid meets Santa

S.I.D.~ Thank you for volunteering for the 2105 Christmas Expo and for your support of The American Cancer Society!