Volunteer Spotlight on Eclair

Eclair Martinek is a volunteer in Design & Infrastructure Division as the primary landscaper.

framed“Nuala asked if I would like to volunteer, I said of course.  Hours later, I asked – what did I volunteer for? “Ohhhhh!?!!” was my response when I found out!  So … I am the Expo snow shoveler and tree & rock pusher. I love to create “pretty”; with a big inventory of “toys”, attention to detail and patience.

It has been an honor to be a part of Relay For Life of Second Life.

We make an impact through Second Life by creating an environment and ambiance, with a generous side of knowledge … we can create a place for people to be entertained and learn about Relay for Life.  It’s not about the amount an individual gives but amount of people who give.  If everyone gives a little – a lot gets done.

For this season and everyday have compassion, understanding, tolerance and care for each other.  Make a difference by your actions and words.  Make a difference in somebody’s moment, day or life…everyday!”

Thank you to Eclair  for her part in making  The Christmas Expo such a beautiful place  and for her support of Relay For Life  and The American Cancer Society.