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SL Xmas Expo Designer Headshot - HunniHope REsident

HunniHope Resident – [HC] Hopes Creations

My name is HunniHope Resident and I’m approaching my 4th SL birthday in just a few weeks. I’m the owner of [HC] Hopes Creations. You can find my in-world store at:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Isle/176/54/23 and I’m on the SL Marketplace at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/109343

My store offers clothing, shoes & accessories for women and also some for men. I specialize in applier based clothing for Mesh bodies but still not forgetting the classic SL avatars too.

I was asked what my most favorite item is – Every new item I create becomes a new favorite for a time. I currently have a couple of favorites and all for different reasons. One is an Exclusive dress that I’m offering at the Expo that has a whimsical, fantasy feel but still chic and classy. Another is a dress inspired by the intense dance of the Argentine Tango

I decided to participate in the Christmas Expo this year and ever since I’ve been in SL I have supported RFL in what ever way i can. This year I’ve found myself in a position where I could offer more. There is a history of cancer in my RL family, and a very good close friend of mine has been fighting a hard fight since the beginning of the year. I wanted to do something, even if it is in a virtual world, but if what we can do here can help prevent 2 more kids from losing a mom or dad, then it’s worth it because that’s the reality my friend is facing, and no one deserves to know how that feels.

I do have exclusives for the Expo this year. Everything in my store is new, either as a re-color of something I have previously offered in my store, or a completely new item. Everything I have on offer at the Expo will not be made available anywhere else until after the event closes.

My main item is the Ice Swan Princess a gorgeous seasonal themed Gown.

[HC] Ice Swan Princess@@

I also have a selection of Winter boots in Wintry Christmas designs, some fun cute Christmas charm necklaces and also a selection of outfits & costumes, including a Snowgirl & Lil Miss Santa, and not forgetting the cosy turtle necks & jeans. All items are suitable for Mesh & Classic avatars, all clothing includes a variety of appliers.

My favorite memory has to be from when I was about 10 years old. Back then the family would all gather at my Gran’s house for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Every couch, sofa, window seat would be spoken for, as well as any spare bed space, so that everyone could sleep over and all be together Christmas morning. Omelet & bacon sandwiches greeted everyone for breakfast. After the presents we’d be scrambling around gathering every chair and stool we could find so we could all be around the same table. We’d be totally stuffed but the food was so good we’d be stealing the odd unwanted roast potato or Yorkshire pudding from other plates. For me, that’s how Christmas should always be, no troubles, no woes, just surrounded by family.

A warm Christmas Expo thank you to our platinum sponsor, Hunnihope, owner of [HC] Hopes Creations, for sharing a bit of herself with us!