Sponsor Spotlight!

Angelique Wickentower and Ever Courtois – Ever An’ Angel

Hi! We’re Angel and Ever, owners of Ever An’ Angel and EFM. We’ve been in SL for about 8 years and have a main store at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ever%20Ever%20Land/127/124/2512 and a few things up on SL marketplace (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/79840). We create women’s apparel, cosmetics and men’s apparel.

Our favorite thing we created?  Impossible to say – that changes all the time!

We’ve created some exclusives for the Expo. We always create a line of Sheep PJs every year and this year we even had them for men! That and three gowns and one casual outfit. We keep everything in the Ever An’ Angel EXPO store at 100%. It’s all exclusive. 😀

Oh, yes – the most favorite holiday memories of ours revolve around our children!

Many thanks from the Christmas Expo to our platinum sponsors, Angel and Ever from Ever An’ Angel and EFM for being a part of this year’s event!