Volunteer Spotlight on Trouble

Trouble Dethly is on the Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations Team. Here he introduces himself to us all.trouble

My job for the 2015 Christmas Expo was to create was the guide book and visitor’s guide; essentially, one is an online publication, and the other an in-world publication. This job entailed creating a mini-magazine of sorts full of adverts, welcome letters, special areas and events to truly showcase all the amazing work the volunteers and content creators have done in support of Relay For Life. I also made an excellent Map and Teleport HUD because I’m all about ease of use and navigation.

I am heavily involved in the fashion industry as the CEO of both the fashion magazine ECLIPSE and agency .PENUMBRA. .PENUMBRA coordinated and produced the “Winter’s Dream Fashion Show.” All outfits in that show are semi-exclusives, where only 10 copies of each will be sold and a portion of all proceeds are donated to Relay for Life.

I more or less stumbled across my involvement in the Christmas Expo. The CMO of .PENUMBRA, Catalina Staheli, was asked to be the PR/Marketing lead, and it seemed natural that the rest of the organization lent their support 🙂 to the cause.

My message this Holiday season is simple: Be kind, even in situations that would typically dictate a different response.

Thank you to Trouble and everyone at Eclipse and .Penumbra for their creative productions and support of Relay For Life and The American Cancer Society!