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{ZOZ}  headshot dec 2015

Zozicon – {ZOZ}

I discovered SL back in 2005, but the {ZOZ} line came together about 3 years ago at the end of December. I create original mesh nails, polish appliers for various bodies and just started making other original mesh items. More of that will be released in the new year!

My in-world store is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chillium/182/215/3759. I’m also on the SL Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/133050 (It so needs updating, the in world store is the best place to shop my products)

I chose to get involved with RFL and the Expo because in SL, a person finds that cancer has its hand in many many homes. People in SL become close to my heart. And it is hard to put a thought into one day losing them this way. I really believe in the power that SL has to help each other beyond SL. I try to do a RFL event every year as a small part of many who want to make a difference. Everyone who does these events, pool together like loving drops of water and make a wave. I appreciate everyone of us, buyers, merchants and volunteers who put heart and soul into these events.

I have done some exclusives for this Expo, what I feel is my most stunning work to date. I’m offering a beautiful deep, shimmering polish in rich holiday colors with a multi overlay snowflake design. Snowflakes are close to my heart, this polish in its depths really reveals the happiness of winter with the passion of the event.

I think my favorite item I’ve ever created is my original mesh nails, because they are done in such a way that really allows for some stunning polish work. Their length is beautifully long, shape curved and fitted just right. Really people try them and never look back at default body or hand nails again. Plenty of models and bloggers swear by them!

My favorite holiday memory? My favorite actually is this year. I am fortunate enough to have an extended family in SL, being the Auntie and decorating the home with the warmth and love of those close to me. Real people with smiles and hearts, dreams and desires bridging the distance of space to bring warmth into each of our RL hearts and homes. The twinkling lights, the holiday tree filled with playful ornaments, the snow drifting slowly outside, little rocking horse next to the fire waiting for its playmate to come back and ride. The sound of laughter and love filling each room is the best way I could ever dream of facing a new year. Even though cancer touches our home, and we take each holiday and savor it. The memories will last, hope will thrive and its been a beautiful rare gift.

A very special “thank you” from the Christmas Expo to our platinum sponsor, Zozicon of {ZOZ} for sharing her time and skills with us!