Volunteer Spotlight on Cathy10 Longoria

Cathy10 Longoria @2015 Christmas Expo

My role in the 2015 Christmas Expo is Naughty or Nice Coordinator. The responsibilities of the position include assisting Expo merchants with their Naughty or Nice sack donation items and securing “Naughty or Nice” items from Second Life designers for sacks that can be found along the Expo sim paths, at the entertainment stages, the tree lot, snowman area, ice skating pond…all around the Expo sims!

This requires all my attention to detail, flexibility, and willingness to get the job done.

We definitely make impact through Second Life by fund raising for Relay For Life and The American Cancer Society.

I am  thankful for my family and my friends. Merry Christmas and Love those those around you!

Thank you to Cathy10 for her hard work on the 2015 Christmas Expo and continued support of Relay For Life and The American Cancer Society.