OOAK Auction Raises $5,450 US (L$1,363,000)

The OOAK Auction was held on Sunday Dec 15 at the SL Christmas Expo with 20 items in the line up, including several of SL’s finest breedables, the OOAK Linden Home Package and a last minute surprise addition from KittyCats!

The excitement of the auction came at the end when the OOAK Linden Home Package was up.  Bidding was intense and had everyone on the edge of their seat with thier eyes wide I am sure.

The OOAK Linden Home Package was won by Jica Batista for a whopping L$610,000!

The final OOAK Auction total was approx $5,450 US (L$1,262,000)

Congratulations to all winners in the auction!