Meet the Angels of Ever An’ Angel

Welcome back!

Today we meet Co Owner of Ever An’ Angel, Ever Courtios. Not only is Ever involved in the Christmas Expo but she does a LOT of other charity work in second life. She really is an Angel without wings and oh erm she’s my BOSS! (She will be reading this so I need to put that in!)

So, mosey on over to The Meet the Designers tab and take a look in to the crazy mind of Ever…… FYI I did not give you any type of hallucinogenic she is just like that 😉

Love you Ever!

Thanks for Reading my beautiful Christmas Angels!


Sinful Rhapsody

Christmas Expo

Blog Manager

Meet the Christmas Expo Designer, Featuring Tazzie Tuque Owner of Indigenous.

Meet the Christmas Expo Designer, Featuring Tazzie Tuque Owner of Indigenous.

Hey there Lovelies!

My name is Sinful Rhapsody and I am the newbie blog manager for the Christmas Expo. As you all know, it is an amazing event that helps to raise money for RFL American Cancer Society. We have TONS of amazing Designers that literally give items to be sold and auctioned and we love them for it! What’s more, is that EVERYTHING is themed around CHRISTMAS everyone loves Christmas. In fact, I lost my own Mother to Cancer of the Esophagus and her favourite time of the year was Christmas, So this is my reason for being involved in the event…..

BUT have you ever thought why the Designers are so passionate about RFL? Well, I was lucky enough to ask our sponsors that very question and bring the answers to you, I also threw in some “Fun” questions because after all… It IS Christmas!

Go over to Our Meet The Designers tab and take a brief look into the SL of Our first Wonderful Designer Tazzie Tuque Owner of Indigenous.