ALL Bloggers, Writers, Photographers Welcome

How Can I Blog For The SL Christmas Expo?

The SL Christmas Expo organizes its official bloggers in mid-October.  Applications will be open to apply on October 15 and close November 14. An announcement will be posted on the front page and under the Blogger Tab when it is open.  Official bloggers will receive items from participating SL Christmas Expo merchants and will follow the review policy.  

2019 Official Blogger Information & Application

How can I participate if I am not an Official SL Christmas Expo blogger?

If you are not an official SL Christmas Expo blogger, you are still able to participate and share the holiday magic.

HOLIDAY BLOGGER CHALLENGERS: We welcome and encourage all bloggers, writers, videographers, and photographers to complete our Holiday Blogger Challenges. The holiday season is short and we want to ensure word of this festive event is spread as far as possible to all of Second Life.   You can find more information on the Holiday Blogger Challenges tab.

EARLY ACCESS: We also open the SL Christmas Expo sims for an early preview to press/media and the following blogger groups:  Blogger & Vlogger Network and The Blogger Hud

We are not associated with these blogger groups and do not offer membership to those groups. Please contact the group on how to become a member.  We do not have review copies available on the sims or for these groups. Members should NOT contact designers or SL Christmas Expo merchants and ask for review copies.  We will remove your sim access if we find this has happened.  All items are available for purchase in the American Cancer Society Christmas vendors before the event is opened to the public.

SHARE YOUR EXPO EXPERIENCE: Once the sims are open to the public, all bloggers and press, who did not take part in the early preview,  along with the general public, are welcome to write about and take/create pictures on anything they wish at the expo. We encourage all bloggers to go beyond the merchants and blog about our SL Christmas Expo Special Events, raffles, gachas, activities.  To blog /report every day if they like. To take part in our Holiday Challenges.