Blogger Challenge: Holiday Photos

This special holiday challenge takes place over any 10 days of the SL Christmas Expo and is for the true holiday photo fan! Snap and post daily pictures to complete the challenges below.  All pictures must be taken at the SL Christmas Expo and have a link back to the Expo, the merchant shops at the expo, or activity/entertainment areas. There are a lot of great “photo areas” at the Expo this year if you are stuck.

Are you up for the Holiday Photos Challenge?  If you can’t do all 10, that is okay. Do as many as you can and have fun with it. 

Take Photos At The Expo that includes:

Dec 5:    Yourself at the Expo

Dec 6:     Something Gold (for childhood cancer)

Dec 7:     Something Fun

Dec 8:    Christmas Tree(s)

Dec 9:     Something the represents the Magic of Christmas for you

Dec 10:   Decorated House

Dec 11:   Snowmen 

Dec 12:    Christmas Colors 

Dec 13:    Friends / Inspiration

Dec 14:    Your Favorite(s) of the Expo

Remember, this challenge is open to anyone. You do not have to be an official SL Holiday Expo blogger. You do not even have to blog at all.

Please post the link to your challenge post or flickr pictures in the comment section below.

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