The SL Christmas Expo welcomes all bloggers to participate and share the holiday magic. The holiday season is short and we want to ensure word of this festive event is spread as far as possible to all of Second Life.

We are looking for Official SL Christmas Expo Bloggers that truly love the Christmas / Holiday season. Who start singing Deck The Halls in November and occasionally belt out a  Fa-La-La-La-La in October. The application process is about finding the right team to be our “official Expo bloggers”. This means mostly that this team will have early access to the sims, will post our official press release and a couple other items, and will do their best to showcase the special magic of the Expo Sims and merchant creations.  We are looking for Home & Garden, Fashion, Breedables, Kids/ Youth, and General bloggers.

We also look at things such as, does the blogger have ties with Relay For Life?  Do they have a passion about Relay and want to write about it? Have they blogged for the SL Christmas Expo before?  Are they able to create an experience with their words and pictures? Do their blogs include good pictures with good descriptive writing?

Your Holiday Expo blogging should embrace the festive feelings and magical inspirations of the holiday season.

We also love to come across that truly inspired hidden gem. We may consider bloggers who are just starting out if, after reviewing your blog, we just know you will do the Christmas Expo proud.

In addition to our Official SL Christmas Expo Bloggers, we welcome and encourage all bloggers and individuals to help us share the holiday magic by participating in our Holiday Blogger Challenges.  There are no predetermined blogger assignments.  Find what you feel inspires, delights, and captivates you about the SL Christmas Expo and choose one,or all, of the Holiday Challenges.

The Holiday Challenges for 2019 are: Finding The Magic Of Christmas, Why I Support The  American Cancer Society, Special Holiday Gift and the Holiday Photos,

The challenges are open for anyone to do: you do not have to be an official SL Christmas Expo blogger.  You don’t even have to be a blogger at all if you want to do these Holiday Challenges.  There is even a Flickr pool you can share the challenges in as well.

Once the sims are open, all bloggers and press are welcome to write about and take/create pictures on anything they wish at the expo. We encourage all bloggers to go beyond the merchants and blog about our SL Christmas Expo events, raffles, gacha’s, activities.  To blog /report every day if they like. To take part in our Holiday Challenges.  

Due to time, we will contact only those bloggers who are accepted as our Official SL Christmas Expo Bloggers and a list will be posted on our Official Expo Blogger Page.  

**Note: Completion of the application does not mean acceptance. We will contact you after reviewing your application**