Merchants Guide To Bloggers

We no longer have the obligatory blogger assignments.  Therefore, you no longer have a long list of bloggers to send your items to for review.  We introduced our Holiday Challenges, which opens up your entire store at the Expo for review by any blogger, writer, magazine, press or photographer in Second Life, while still giving some direction on what to cover.  This means also, that if you have your own bloggers, you can simply use those if that works better for you (a pingback to the Expo site would be appreciated).

We also will be opening the sims to the following blogger groups on December 5 –  Blogger & Vlogger Network, The Blogger Hub, Seraphim  These bloggers will have early access to wander the Expo shops and event areas.  They will have the opportunity to purchase any of your 100% Donation Items (which the official bloggers already received in the blogger boxes) from the RFL Vendors before the sims open to the public and are encouraged to post a blog on items they find interesting.  You do not need to place any blogger review boxes out in your store. These bloggers have been asked not to contact you for review items. If anyone does, please let us know and we will take care of the situation for you.   If you have a specific store/brand blogger, who is not in those groups, and you would like them to have early access, please let us know.


The items you send to our Official Expo Bloggers may be any or all of the following :

  • one or both of your Holiday 100% Required items
  • your OOAK Breedable / OOAK Auction Item (see below how to do this) or your LE Breedable (if applicable)

Sending these review items out to our Expo Bloggers is easy.
It will happen through a  specially scripted Blogger Box.
You will receive the Blogger Box via group notices about a week before opening.

If you are a registered merchant and wish to send out review copies to the Official Expo bloggers here is what you need to do……

  1. Box the review copies you want to send to our Official Expo Bloggers. Make sure your store name is in or on the box.  Include pictures of the review copies if you can. The bloggers can see what things are without unboxing it all.
  2. Rez the scripted blogger box somewhere that it can stay for a while (home, business, work platform)
  3. Add your box of review items into the contents of the Blogger Box and hit “Send All B” -(send to bloggers).
  4. Then just leave the blogger box alone to do its work.  Don’t pick it up, don’t move it.  Just let it sit.

Leave the scripted box out until it reports to you that its work is completed.  It checks through the list of our Official Expo Bloggers and sends out your review box when the blogger is online.  It will not send your review box if the blogger is offline.  This prevents the lost boxes, the capped IM’s, the “I didn’t get it” issue.  Leave the scripted box rezzed out and leave it alone to do it’s work.

And that is it!  4 easy steps.  Box the items you wish to send for review.  Rez the SL Christmas Blogger Box.  Drop your review box in the scripted blogger box. Hit the Send All -B button!

Can’t Send The Actual Item? (Breedables this is for you too)
If you do not want to drop the actual review item(s) on the Official Blogger List, for whatever reason (ie: OOAK, Limited Editions, just don’t want to), you can also make a notecard with pictures of your items and simply add…”if you are interested in blogging my items at the SL Christmas Expo, please contact me directly by notecard / IM”. Drop it in the scripted blogger box and send it out.  The notecard will be delivered to the Official Expo Bloggers and you can take it from there.

Need To Send More Another Day?  If you want to send out additional items a few days later to the same group, just rez a new box. Please do not use the same one.

Don’t Want To Send Your Item To ALL The Official Expo Bloggers?  That’s OK.  You can simply go through the Official Expo Blogger list, handpick and contact them yourself. If you have a regular blogger for your store, yes, by all means, use them too!

Help! My Blogger Box Blew Up When I Rezzed It!   If the scripted blogger box auto destructs when you rez it, it means you are not on the script’s merchant list.  This probably happened because whoever registered your shop for the expo did not include your name in the list.  Things happen. We can fix that easily enough.  Contact our Blog Manager,  Sinful Rhapsody,  and she will get you on the list and send you new scripted boxes. Easy as opening a present on Christmas morning.