Event Guidelines 2017

Yes, sometimes things have to be said……….

  • All persons, behavior, and objects at the 2017 Second Life Christmas Expo must follow the Linden Labs Terms of Service (http://www.lindenlab.com/tos)and the Second Life Community Standards: (https://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php).
  • Please provide quality  creations in your RFL vendors and your own shop vendors.
  • No Business In A Box or otherwise franchised or resold (gatcha) items.
  • The Relay For Life / American Cancer Society Logo cannot be placed on any item for sale.  It can be placed on items you give away for free.
  • Please keep all textures to 512 x 512 wherever possible to help us reduce client side lag.
  • No hover text on items (Breedables included)
  • All content displayed at the SL Christmas Expo must be rated for general or moderate audiences. Absolutely no adult content or nudity depicted in pictures, text or demonstration models. Adult versions of rezzable content may be sold in the exhibit vendors which clearly state the items are adult in nature. Skins are the only exception to nudity.  If you have to ask if it is allowed… it probably isn’t 🙂
  • You may have a landmark giver in your shop, however, no listener scripts, shouting scripts, greeter scripts, traffic detectors. They will be returned.
  • We reserve the right to return items with or without your prior consent if you are over your prim limit. We assume no responsibility for damages or loss incurred to returned items.
  • In an effort to reduce lag and provide an enjoyable shopping experience, the Expo requests merchants use simple single item prim vendors for your own 100% store items in lieu of networked systems.  While we recognize that systems such as Hippo and CasperVend work great in shop settings, they place a high demand on an already busy sim server and strongly request you do not utilize them at the Expo.
  • Expo staff will monitor sim performance and script usage and will request any vendors creating high demand be replaced by simple prim vendors.
  • You will use the provided RFL Vendors for your donated items.
  • All items sold for 100% or 50% donation to the Relay For Life MUST be sold in our Christmas Expo vendors. No other split vendors are permitted.  We cannot track total revenue the expo brings in if it is being sold through other vendors. And we are  unable to provide the security to patrons the 50%is going to the Expo.  You are required to  use our 50% and 100% vendors for a reason.
  • Simple Single Item Vendors are easy to create and use.  Simply rez a prim, rename, retexture, drop an item in and set for sale! Easy Peasy, and NO SCRIPT LAG!
  • You are required to have fun and enjoy that “feel good feeling” you get when you know the money you are raising will help cancer survivors, caregivers, and researchers of the American Cancer Society.

Items not in compliance with the above may be returned without prior consent or any liability due to loss of any kind to the SL Christmas Expo, The Relay For Life of Second Life, The Relay For Life, or the American Cancer Society.


  • Please note that registering online does not complete your shop and/or sponsorship registration.  Once your application is processed and accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to make the registration payment.  The coordinator for the event reserves the right to deny any application. Should an application be denied, the registrant will be notified.
  • Payment for sponsorship packages are made directly to the special SL Christmas Expo Relay For Life official vendors. The location / landmark for the payment location will be provided AFTER your registration form is received and we have processed your registration – usually within 48 to 72 hours. The only person who may need to contact you regarding your payment would be Nuala Maracas or the SL Christmas Expo avatar.  No other person associated with the SL Christmas Expo will contact you regarding payment for the SL Christmas Expo.  Do NOT give payment to anyone else. We are not responsible for any payments made to any other avatar or object.  ***Once an application is accepted and registration / sponsorship fees are paid, they are non-refundable, and no exceptions are made.***