Breedable Auctions

We have Breedables Auctions galore at the SL Christmas Expo and Winter Breedables Fair.  All held in a wonderful winter Breedables Auction Venue designed to showcase each entry.
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The highly anticipated OOAK Breedables auction is back this year with a twist. It is a Silent Auction starting Thursday, Dec 5, 2019 and will finish with a live auction 10am slt Sunday, December 15.  The opening live auction bid is the last bid on the Silent Auction board. You will have 11 days of the Expo to place your bids on these stunning OOAK Breedables.
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 And, once again this year, various Breedable Auction Houses, and Breedable Creators themselves, will be holding brand specific auctions throughout the 11 days of the Winter Breedable Faire. Be sure to mark the date on the calendar for your favorite breedable auction.

 If you would like to hold a Breedables Auction, you do not have to be a merchant at the Expo.  Please see our Hold An Auction @ The Expo page for more information.