Build A Snowman Contest

It’s time to build a snowman again at the Christmas Expo!

This year we have our snowman lot in the heart of the Expo for all to see.  Simply reserve your snowman spot by paying the Relay For Life vendor.   Building will take place from December 5, 8am slt and finish on December 9th at 8pm slt.

Voting will begin 8am slt on December 10 and run until Saturday December 14 7pm slt.  Voting will be done by donation to the Relay For Life Kiosk placed near your snowman.


As usual:  Everyone who built a Snowman will receive a prize and a Trophy for participating.

There will be the top 2 runner ups and the Winner by Popular vote (donations) as well as the Winner By Jury vote,





Coming in November 2019: 

Visit The Snowman Contest Area

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