Gift Of Hope Mega Raffles

New for 2019, we are introducing the Gift Of Hope Mega Raffles for both Christmas Expo and Non-Expo Merchants.   These are high end, high value raffles.

Your generosity will help support the American Cancer Society mission to – Save Lives, Celebrate Lives, and Lead The Fight For A World Without Cancer.

Raffles will be located at the SL Christmas Expo and winners will be drawn Sunday, December 15 at 6:30pm slt.


  1. Gift Certificates Only (must be transferable)
  2. Value of each certificate must be L$5,000, L$10,000, L$15,000, L$20,000 or more. (increments of L$5,000)
  3. Each gift certificate will be its own individual raffle.
  4. You may give as many gift certificates as you wish.
  5. Gift Certificates are to be given to the SL Christmas Expo Avatar who will place them in the raffle vendor(s).

Promotion We Will Provide For Your Store

  1. Stand Alone Logo & Store Information with link to SL Marketplace, inworld location or your blog/Social Media on the website.
  2. Logo with premium placement on homepage of the Christmas Expo website with SLURL to raffle area.
  3. Logo and notecard/landmark giver beside your raffle item.
  4. Promotion of your Gift Of Hope Mega Raffle item on our social media outlets.
  5. Spotlight Interview placed on Meet Our Sponsors page on website and social media sites for donations totalling L$25,000 or more. Logo and Link to the main store included in the article.
  6. Logo on Gift Of Hope Mega Raffle Billboard advertisement spots randomly placed at the Expo (1 per sim)