Gotya’s At The Expo Registration

The SL Christmas Expo has an area dedicated to just Gotyas!

We are looking for Second Life store owners to participate in our Gotya’s At The Expo. We call them Gotya’s, and 50% of all proceeds go to the Relay For Life of Second Life, 50% to the merchant.

What Is The Cost To You: Nothing but a little time to put the items in the Gotya machine

What Benefits Do You Get:
Apart from the really feel good feeling of knowing you are helping support cancer survivors, caregivers, and the American Cancer Society, you also get a lot of free advertisement for your store on our website, social media, at the expo, and in our online visitors guide.

What Do We Need From You:
Obviously the Gotya items in the machine, and we need a texture showing the Gotya items, a shop logo texture, and a slurl to your shop. Pretty easy

How Does It Work:
You will be given a SL Christmas Expo / Relay For Life Gotya machine to load with your donated items and texture.
You will receive 1 SL Christmas Expo Gotya free in your registration kit.
Each additional Gotya is L $250 ($1 US ) which you can purchase at the Christmas Expo Payment shop.

All Gotya’s must be placed out in the in the designated Gotya area at the SL Christmas Expo, therefore, you will need to join our SL Christmas Expo group for rezzing abilities.

If you wish to place the Gotya out at your place of business, you are welcome to do so. Once your Gotya is placed at the SL Christmas Expo, simply let us know and we will give you another Gotya for your store. You will receive one additional Gotya for your main store, for every Gotya you place out at the SL Christmas Expo. We ask you to please place out the SL Christmas Expo signage, supplied with the Gotya, beside or near the gotya in your main store.

** You need to follow the Expo Guidelines (excluding 2 exclusive) **

** Items for the Gotya Vendors do not have to be Christmas / winter themed**

** Items for the Gotya’s should be good quality items. It is your store you are representing after all.

** Deadline for Gotya registration is November 24 ***

All Gotya vendors are to be placed at the SL Christmas Expo between November 27 and 28th and removed no earlier than 8pm SLT December 9, no later than 6pm December 10.