Lights Of Hope Decoration Contest – Linden

Linden Lab® Partners With The Expo to Help the American Cancer Society Fight Childhood Cancer!

Second Life’s premier builders are once again joining the SL Christmas Expo to present the 2nd Annual LIGHTS OF HOPE Home Decoration Contest and this year Linden Lab®, the Society’s partner in the fight against cancer is joining in the decorating.

Linden Lab® will be decorating Linden homes as part of the Lights Of Hope contest.

That’s right,  teams of Lindens have been untangling lights, checking bulbs, inflating Santa’s and climbing to the rooftops to hang lights on their Linden homes.  Do we have a Clark Griswald amongst them?  Maybe a Martha Stewart?  It’s up to you to decide what team has the best-decorated home.

Stroll the neighbourhood at the Expo and vote for your favourites by donation to the American Cancer Society kiosk in front of each home! 100% of all “votes” go directly to the American Cancer Society.


The Linden LOH Decoration Teams

Izzy ~ Vix ~ Ginger
Ami ~ Wendi
Spots ~ Whitney
Derrick ~ Vanessa
Jet ~ Volo
Evie ~ Theresa
Harley ~ Madori ~ Tommy
Forge ~ Dottie
Ellie ~ Maggie
TJ ~ Kristen
Constantine ~ Kit



Patch  L$74,083
Evie / Theresa L$56,010
Derrick / Vanessa L$48,237