2017 Core Benefits & Requirements


All donations are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Please read and choose your level carefully.

General Regulations are at the bottom of this page. Please ensure you have read them.

This year’s theme is Holiday Windows.. Old Fashioned Shop Windows from Macys to Main Street.  We encourage merchants to participate in our Holiday Windows theme by decorating the inside of their shop window in a festive style. Whether it be in the grand style like Macy’s windows or a simple home town display, we would love to see all the shops have Holiday Windows.   If you have an outdoor lot, please decorate an area along the front of your shop space.  For those that choose to participate, we have the Holiday Windows contest, where expo visitors will vote on their favorite windows via donations to relay for life kiosks in our Holiday Window area.

Returning 2016 merchants receive a 10% discount as a thank you for your continuing support

  • Advertisement in the Christmas Expo Visitors Guide (Size By Sponsor Level – see below)
  • Logo (Size By Sponsor Level – see below) on sponsor page of Christmas Expo website with SLURL to your main shop
  • Logo (Size By Sponsor Level – see below) and SLURL to the Expo shop in our online shopping guide *
  • Logo (Size By Sponsor Level – see below) & TP to Christmas Expo shop at landing area *
  • Promotion of your two 100% donation items on Social Media and website
  • Advertisement at sim entry of your shop
  • Promotion on social media of Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle item(s), Christmas Bazaar Item(s), Gotya item(s) and Stocking Stuffer item (if participating)
  • As many additional 100% and/or 50%  RFL donation vendors as you like, provided you do not go over your prim limit.  We encourage each merchant Creator to donate as many items as they can for sale in the Relay For Life vendors.
  • As many RFL Gotya Machines with 50% split proceeds as you like. To be placed out in our Gotya area only. You will have one 50% RFL Gotya machine provided.  If you wish to put out additional Gotya’s, you must reserve additional spots. (any non RFL Gotcha / Gotya machines will be returned)

  • Provide MINIMUM of  two 100% proceed items to the American Cancer Society.  Exclusives* not required but highly appreciated! Unique versions of previous quality works or items representing your best work are preferred, though not required.  This is a chance to showcase your talent.    *Exclusive means a new creation only available at the Expo until it is over. (you cannot sell the item anywhere else before or during the expo, but you can sell it after wherever you like if you so choose).
  • Participate in one or more of the following  (Size By Sponsor Level – see below)
    • Stocking Stuffer (hunt)
    • Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle
    • Christmas Bazaar Raffle
  • In an effort to reduce lag and provide an enjoyable shopping experience, the Expo requests merchants use simple single item prim vendors for your own 100% store items in lieu of networked systems.  While we recognize that systems such as Hippo and CasperVend work great in shop settings, they place a high demand on an already busy sim server and strongly request you do not utilize them at the Expo.

 * The SL Christmas Expo will provide RFL Vendors and Gotya’s to all our merchants.



This level donation could help provide a cancer patient and their caregiver with a night’s free lodging at an American Cancer Society  Hope Lodge community when their best hope for effective treatment is away from home.


This level donation could help provide five rides to and from treatment for a cancer patient through the Road To Recovery Program.


This level of donation could help support three years of follow-up for one participant enrolled in the Cancer Prevention Study-3, a research study that will help us better understand what causes cancer so we can ultimately help prevent it.

Research Today For A Cancer Free Tomorrow


This level of donation could help provide free 24-hour information and support via phone, email, and online chats for one person.


This level of donation could help support the American Cancer Society’s forward thinking Cancer Research Grant Programs.Funding innovative research conducted by hundreds of scientists and health care professionals – primarily early in their careers – at institutions nationwide. The American Cancer Society has been part of every medical breakthrough in cancer treatment.


Need a smaller area?  Become a CHRISTMAS BAZAAR SPONSOR  

DONATION: L $2,600  or $10 US  

Display Area – Approximately 10 x 10 at the shared Christmas Bazaar venue

Visit the Christmas Bazaar Page for more information