Breedables Auction Houses / Markets

We have a specially designed area at the Breedables Auction Venue just for Auction Houses and Breedables Markets in Second Life who wish to participate but do not create the actual breedable itself or make items for sale and are unable to meet our normal donation requirements.  This consists of a 5 x 5 area available for your logo, landmark, and any advertisements and / or small display. No items for sale.  Great way to have some high traffic exposure for your place.

★ L$1,500 ($10 US)
★ 50 prims
★ 5 X 5 footprint
★ Logo Size – Small
★ No Vendors permitted

~ What We Will Do For You ~

★ Logo placement on homepage of Christmas Expo
★ Logo and link to SL Marketplace, inworld location or your blog/Social Media on the website
★ Listing on our Online Shopping Directory

Ensure you have read the Expo Guidelines


As an additional opportunity, we welcome and encourage Auction Houses to hold one of there regular weekly, special, or patron auctions at the SL Christmas Expo.   The Auction will be advertised as sponsored by your Auction House with 100% of proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

For more information or to reserve your time, visit the Hold An Auction At The Expo page