Silver Navigator Sponsor

Donation L$6,500 ($25 US)sold out 

★  Recognition – SILVER NAVIGATOR      
★  400 prims
★  24 X 24 store footprint
★  Logo Size – Medium
★  12 Own Store Single Item Vendors
★ ★ Breedable Creators: This package could be complimentary see below.

~What We Will Do For You~

★ Logo on homepage of Christmas Expo website
★ Logo and link to SL Marketplace, inworld location or your
blog/Social Media on the website
★  Logo placement in the online shopping guide
★ Logo on Silver Sponsors Billboard advertisement spots randomly
placed at the Expo (1 per sim)
★  Promotion of your two 100% donation items or OOAK / LE
Breedable on the website and social media
(see Donation Requirements)
★  50 / 50 profit ACS Christmas Expo split Gotya machine(s) with up to 1 premium placement reserved spots in the Gotya area along with promotion on our webpage and social media outlets.  (Gotya are optional)

BREEDABLES CREATORS  ADDITIONAL OPTION – This package will be complimentary if you provide a minimum of one 100% proceed One Of A Kind (OOAK) Breedable for our Auction or a minimum of two 100% proceed New Exclusive Limited Edition Breedables for sale in your Expo store.  (Exclusive Limited Edition means they cannot be sold before Expo, cannot be for sale anywhere else except the Expo Dec 5 – 15, but can be sold  starting Dec 16 in your own store vendors wherever you want.)

BREEDABLES CREATORS ONLY: Option to hold a Breedables Auction at the Expo. Hold one of your regular auctions or a special high-end auction. We will promote on our webpage, in world, and on social media. (To Book Your Auction Time / Space here) (Auctioneer NOT provided)

Additional Benefits ~

★ At this level, you may have 12 NON-ACS CHRISTMAS EXPO VENDORS (SINGLE ITEM
simple vendors or single item caspervend event vendors
– 100% TO
★ As many additional 100% and/or 50% ACS Christmas vendors as
you like, provided you do not go over your prim limit. We
encourage each merchant Creator to donate as many items as
they can for sale in the ACS Christmas Expo vendors.
★  Additional, first come first reserve, placement of additional
Gotya cha machines with 50% split proceeds. To be placed out in our
Gotya area only. (any non-ACS Gotya machines or Gotya machines
in expo stores will be returned)
★ Additional placement of your 50% ACS Christmas Expo Gotya Machine is
permitted at your main place of business outside the expo should
you choose to do so. We ask that you also place the SL Christmas
Expo promotional sign near this Gotya . (Gotya Machines only….
no Xmas Expo ACS Vendors)

~ We ask you to please provide one or more item for one or more of the following ~

★ Stocking Stuffer  Hunt – Item value should be a minimum of L$75 (100% donation) (Merchant places out RFL Stocking in store . Expo provides stocking). Stocking for sale L$25

★ Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle (minimum gift certificate value L$500 value) (100% donation)  (Gift cards only – transfer, no copy – Expo organizes) Great option as it will continue to bring shoppers to your store after the expo is over. (provide as many as you like)

New for 2019: Gift Of Hope Mega Raffles (minimum gift certificate values L$5,000, L$10,000, L$15,000, L$20,000, L$25,000 value) (100% donation)  (Gift cards only – transfer, no copy – Expo organizes) Each Gift Certificate will be an individual raffle. Great option as it will continue to bring shoppers to your store after the expo is over. (provide as many as you like)  More Information and to register for Gifts Of Hope Mega Raffles…click here

Your Stocking Stuffer Hunt items and Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle Gift Certificate will also be promoted on our webpage and throughout social media. (see Donation Requirements)

All sponsorship donations (registration) are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please read and choose your level carefully.

* As a thank you for your ongoing support of the American Cancer Society,
 we are pleased to offer a 10% discount to:
2018 Returning Christmas Expo Merchants, 2019 H&G Expo Merchants,
2019 Fantasy Faire Merchants, 2019 Out Shop Cancer Merchants

Please ensure you have read and understood the