Merchant Testimonials 2018

Thank you to the merchants who took the time to write us and allow us to share their testimonials!

We are so so proud to have been a part of this, and many previous Xmas Expo. They not only serve a great cause but they create a wonderfully joyful and encouraging environment for all participants. Wouldn’t miss it for the world! – Ever Courtois


Never underestimate Virtual Reality!



I am so happy to have participated in this event. I lost my mom to cancer in 2005, she was only 44. I lost one of my aunts soon after, she was around the same age and then last year I lost my mother’s sister to cancer and diabetes. Where I’m originally from (West Virginia) the rate of cancer is astronomically high. This disease has effected so much of my family that I had to do something, anything to help fight it. My 100% donation items were named after my mother (Sue) and arranged with her favorite colors in mind. This was my way to honor my mother and to do something good in her name. Thank you again for allowing me to be part of this amazing event. ~Kiva Rakosi

I loved the sponsoring of Patient Navigators as help for people going thru cancer treatment is so important to their recovery or transition. This is a vital resource!



this was the best Expo i have attended yet … amazing entertainment,activities and support thank you…. you all did a great job! Go Relay!


All I can say is those who worked so hard to get this event up and running, deserve huge kudos for the excellent job done.


We had the best year yet at the expo. Our customers loved the updates and and all the events we were able to provide to them through the information from the expo team sent to merchants. We cannot thank the expo team enough for all the hard work they put into creating this years expo, it was truly a work of art. I would like to personally thank everyone who completed the Gift of Hope Hunt, shopped at our store and those who donated to the kiosk. Roths is blessed to have had so many of you join us this year. We can’t wait to be part of this great event again next year.

Its been really well organized expo the place been created wonderful and with a lot of love in it. The offer to set the shops before to set up the products before the event starts to be faster in setting up at the start is a great idea and should be kept. The teleporters been enough and reachable in few walking time. Also good that its been possible to use fly at the event. and last not least its been great to be part of relay for life and help and see that it gets more each year. Keep it going and may it get more and more each year as before.

RFL is truly a worthy cause. I do not participate to make any personal gain. I have found the help of the staff in SL beyond reproach, always pleasant and helpful and most important, dedicated to the cause. it is always a pleasure to help and donate to RFL.

It’s my first year, I liked to participate, I am so happy to have participated in this event.
happy with the result in Kenya. It is really an honor to be able to help with social causes, I am happy with the result and to you a great job and a good heart, blessings

A+ for the enthusiasm and hours put in by the expo admins and for all the hard work put in by donors and merchants. Let’s focus on the visitor for future events so they have the optimum atmosphere in which to help contribute to the shopping & events in which everyone so tirelessly put their time into to raise funds for good causes!. 🙂