$20,495 USD – THANK YOU for a Great 2018!

On behalf of the American Cancer Society and the Kenyatta Hope Hostel Patient Navigator Program, I thank you all for the amazing job you’ve done on the 2018 SL Xmas Expo.

I know that Nuala and the Expo committee are exhausted, but there is room for more celebration – – b/c you reached your goal by raising $20,495 USD!!! Great job everyone and I can’t wait to see what you do next year!!

Thank You,
Stingray9798 Raymaker
American Cancer Society



2018 Snowman Contest Winners

Thank you for participating in the 2018 2018 Snowman Contest !
It was a very close competition!

As usual:

Everyone who built a Snowman will receive a prize and a Trophy ( if you don’t receive a prize within the next 48 hours, please contact Sidonie Carlberg)

– The Second runner-up — 3rd place — Bronze Winner: Amaya Elessar (The Snow Gnome )
– The runner-up — 2nd place — Silver Winner: Roswenthe Aluveaux (Grandma Snow)

Winner by Jury Vote: Marissa “Mari” Ancalinon ( The Snow Dragon Hatchling )

Winner by Popular Vote: Kitty Gumbo ( The Snow Couple)

Congratulations !

OOAK Breedable Auction Raises L$1,272,200 or $5,090 USD

What am amazing live auction at the Expo today. The excitement and energy was so great to feel again!  Everyone was so engaged!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who helped out. To our sponsors Obsidian Chimera and Battlebeast. To all creators and their staff. To the Christmas Expo Staff!

Thank you to…

Battlebeast- Hikari Shade and Battlebeast Resident
Obsidian Chimera- Damien Dusk
KittyCatS- Callie Cline and Kitten Longmeadow
Buildables- Aries Westland
EVO- KhrysT Neox, GClef, Rita
Teegle- Teager Resident
Elite Equestrian- H0neyHeart Resident
Cannabis- DJEAUX and GLEAUX
StrayCats- Nicolyti
Champion Horses- Nicolyti

Sim Designer- Hikari Shade
Christmas Expo Coordinator- Nuala Maracas
Volunteers for Auction: Aurora Vastranad, Sandie Slate, Madonna Dahelie, Nuala Maracas, Hikari Shade, Sidonie Carlberg, Gem Sunkiller, Kitty Gumbo, Cuddly Waffle, Trader1 Whiplash

Our Amazing Auctioneer: Buk Caro (geyser67)


1. Stray Cats- 76,000
2. Champion Horses- 7,500
3. Cannabis- 52,000
5. Battlebeast- 65,000
6. Battlebeast- 80,000
7. Obsidian Chimera- 28,000
8. Obsidian Chimera- 32,000
9. Obsidian Chimera- 40,000
10. Teegle- 110,000
11. Teegle- 80,000
12. Buildables- 26,000
13. Buildables- 16,000
14. Buildables- 25,000
15. EVO- 27,000
16. EVO- 15,000
17. EVO- 10,000
18. Elite Equestrian- 6000
19. Elite Equestrian- 5000
20. Elite Equestrian- 2500
21. Elite Equestrian- 6100
22. Elite Equestrian- 3100
23. Elite Equestrian- 10000
24. KittyCatS- 232,000
25. Obsidian Chimera- 51,000
26. KittyCatS- 266,000

TOTAL: 1,272,200 linden or approximately $5,090 USD

Again.. thank you!

Lights Of Hope Home Decoration Winners

Second Life’s premier builders joined the SL Christmas Expo to present the 1st Annual LIGHTS OF HOPE Home Decoration Contest.

The top 3 vote getters:

1st Place with $9,060 …. Varriale Designs 

2nd Place with L$8,064 The Griswald House – ACS & Relay For Life Staff! 

3rd Place with L$7,160 Potomac Homes

Thank you to all our home builders !

You can view all the homes here 

9th Annual Holidays Of Hope Gala Sunday, Dec 9 @ The Expo

Join the Relay For Life Community as we celebrate the close of our 2018 Season at the 9th Annual Holidays of Hope Gala Ball.

Held at the Music Box Ballroom high above the SL Christmas Expo the Ball will feature a Live Performance by Satin & Erin, Music by T1Radio and a random Door Prize Giver loaded with valuable Gift Certificates

Formal Holiday Attire Requested


OOAK BREEDABLES AUCTION – Sunday, Dec 9 10am slt

Live Auction bidding will open Sunday, December 9, 10am slt.  The opening bid is the final silent auction bid.

If you plan to attend the Live Auction or are unable to attend but want to bid on a specific breedable, reserve your spot by filling out this form.   We cannot guarantee space to anyone not on the list due to high demand and popularity of the Live Auction.

Contact Rowena Dubrovna in world for alternate locations if you plan to attend but are NOT bidding.

For a list of OOAK Auction items….check here

Saturday Night Live by MacLintons Pub @ The Expo

Saturday night can’t get any better!  Join us for a fantastic line up of live performers at The Holly Jolly Cafe.  Sponsored by MacLintons Neighborhood Pub!

Entertainment Line Up Saturday Dec 8 @ The Expo

𝄞  ♬ ♫    ♪   

Saturday , December 08, 2018

  • 12pm to 2pm slt – The Dazzlers – Dance Troupe   
  • 2pm to 3pm slt –  FlyGearz – FlashMob Dance & Show
  • 3pm to 4pm slt –  Tril MacLeod
  • 4pm to 5pm slt –  Kayla Flow  – Live
  • 5pm to 6pm slt –  Billie Lynn Siodman – Live

  • Saturday Night Live @  Expo Sponsored By MacLintons Pub
  • 6pm to 7pm slt –  EffinJay
  • 7pm to 8pm slt –  Maximillion Kleene & Hojo Wharf
  • 8pm to 9pm slt –   Kris Composer

𝄞  ♬ ♫    ♪   

At The Holly Jolly Cafe


Second Life’s premier builders are joining the SL Christmas Expo to present the 1st Annual LIGHTS OF HOPE Home Decoration Contest.   Voting closes today at 5:30pm slt, so be sure to get over and vote for your favourite(s) by donation to the Relay Tree Kiosk in front of the house.

Winners announced tonight 7:30pm slt @ the Holly Jolly Cafe


KittyCats Auction – Today 10am slt @ The Expo

House of Heartsdale – KittyCatAuction
Saturday December 8   10am slt

Rumour has it there are some special kittycats in this auction!
Teleport to Breedable Auctions Area