Content Policies

We broke the guidelines down into sections to be easily accessible. However, you still will be agreeing that you understood and agreed to ALL guidelines, policies…. so please read it in its entirety here.

Content Policies:

  • All content at the SL Christmas Expo must be rated for general or moderate audiences. Absolutely no adult content or nudity depicted in pictures, text or demonstration models. Adult versions of rezzable content may be sold in vendors only which clearly state the items are adult in nature. Skins are the only exception to nudity.  If you have to ask if it is allowed… it probably isn’t 🙂
  • The SL Christmas Expo will not accept the use of child imagery in sexually suggestive advertising in Second Life. For example any children’s faces on sexually mature and explicitly sexual bodies or in the promotion of sexual content via the use of child imagery in any way.

  • No Business In A Box or otherwise franchised or resold (gatcha) items.

  • Exhibitors grant the Expo a limited license to use any logos and product ads provided to promote their participation and/or sponsorship of the event in Second Life and on third-party websites, such as, but not limited to in-world  promotional materials, event signboards, Expo related blogs, RFL of SL websites, and other online sites and services.
  • Exhibitors and/or sponsors agree that the Expo regions will be open to photographers and machinima producers and that photography and filming will not only be allowed but also encouraged during the entire event, beginning with the Press Preview.

  • Items determined by Linden Labs to be botted, copied or violating copyright by a designer shall be returned if and when a DMCA is effected against them. Note: The SL Christmas Expo team cannot take the responsibility to remove any items until ordered to do so by Linden Labs. We can not mediate disputes between creators or participants for any reason unless deemed necessary for the good of the SL Christmas Expo and at its discretion.

Items not in compliance with the above may be returned without prior consent or any liability due to loss of any kind to the SL Christmas Expo, The Relay For Life of Second Life, The Relay For Life, or the American Cancer Society.