Donation Requirements

We broke the guidelines down into sections to be easily accessible. However, you still will be agreeing that you understood and agreed to ALL guidelines, policies…. so please read it in its entirety here.

Donation Requirements:

We have two simple requirements…….

  1. Each merchant is asked to provide two new items to be sold at 100% donation to the American Cancer Society. The recolor of your most popular items is acceptable. These items are not required to be Exclusive to the Expo, although our shoppers highly anticipate and appreciate your Exclusive creations.  Exclusive means the item cannot be sold before the event, can be sold only at the Christmas Expo for the duration of the event, and can then be sold after the event as you choose.  Breedable merchants, you may provide a OOAK Breedable for auction or 2 New Exclusive Limited Edition Breedables in lieu of the two new items if you so choose.
  2.  Participate in at least one of the following:

Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle    Minimum gift certificate value $500
Stocking Stuffer Hunt    quality item with a minimum value of L$75
Gift Of Hope Mega Raffles   Minumum gift certificate value starts at $5,000 (see below for more info)

Participate in all three if you like and give as many items as you wish.  Gift certificates work best for the raffle as it brings visitors to your store after the Expo is over.  For the Stocking Stuffer Hunt items, we ask that you provide quality items with a minimum value of L$75, as this is an expression of the quality of items in your store. Participants will purchase the Stocking Stuffer Hunt Box (which we provide to you) for L$25. This is a draw to bring shoppers to your Expo store.

If you would like additional information on the GIFT OF HOPE MEGA RAFFLES…. please click here.