General Policies, Disclaimers, LL TOS, LL Community Standards

We broke the guidelines down into sections to be easily accessible. However, you still will be agreeing that you understood and agreed to ALL guidelines, policies…. so please read it in its entirety here.

Guidelines and Disclaimers

  • All persons, behavior, and objects at the 2019 Second Life Christmas Expo must follow the Linden Labs Terms of Service and the Second Life Community Standards.
  • We reserve the right to deny any application without explanation. You will be notified should your registration be denied.
  • After registration/sponsorship fees are paid, they are non-refundable; no exceptions are made.
  • By registering for the SL Christmas Expo, you agree that you have read, fully understand and accept all policies, guidelines and disclaimers governing the event. “I didn’t know” is not an excuse if we have to ask you to leave due to non-compliance.

General Policies

  • Exhibitors and/or sponsors’ participation at the SL Christmas Expo is at the discretion of the Expo.  Products and displays may be returned if the are breaching any of the guidelines governing the event.  If an exhibitor/sponsor is asked to leave the event, all registration fees and sponsorship fees will be forfeited.
  • Items determined by Linden Labs to be botted, copied or violating copyright by a designer shall be returned if and when a DMCA is effected against them. Note: The SL Christmas Expo team cannot take the responsibility to remove any items until ordered to do so by Linden Labs. We can not mediate disputes between creators or participants for any reason unless deemed necessary for the good of the SL Christmas Expo and at its discretion.
  • Exhibitors and/or sponsors and staff are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their representatives at the event.  Violation of the Second Life Community Standards may result in removal from the event. Registration / Sponsorship fees and privileges will be forfeited.
  • The Relay For Life / American Cancer Society Logo cannot be placed on any item for sale.  It can be placed on items you give away for free.