Complete Merchant Set Up Guide

What Do I Do?  What Do You Need?

To  book your shop:

Complete the registration form for the sponsorship package you wish to have on the appropriate merchant page.

Within 48 – 72 hours , you will receive a confirmation notecard & email with the location where you may purchase your sponsorship.  Simply go there, pay the appropriate SL Christmas Expo Relay For Life Vendor the correct sponsorship amount, and you will receive your merchant kit.

You will be invited to the SL Christmas Expo *RFL* Production Group.  We appreciate people have a lot of IM’s pop up over the day and it can get overwhelming at times.  Our chat is minimal, however, you can turn it off if you like, just be sure to leave on the notices.  Important, NEED TO KNOW, information will always be sent over group notices. 

Expo Guidelines: 

Event Guidelines are Located Here


Event Timeline is Located Here

Overall Theme:

This year’s theme is the Magic of Christmas.

It is time to search the skies again for the magic we all once knew. Bring back that excitement you experienced as a child and have a magical Christmas whatever your age.   Look up to the skies and remember the feeling of excitement as you looked for Santa darting past the stars. Remember how you would wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of crinkling paper and jingle bells,  your heart pounding with exhilaration.  Let your gaze linger on the glimmering lights and ornaments as if you were seeing them for the first time.  Make snow angels again!  Savor that feeling of seeing the marshmallows in hot chocolate and the smell of fresh-baked Christmas cookies.  Indulge in the sparking sugars and sprinkles and frosting! Let yourself believe again – in something, in anything, in Santa, in love, in each other.

Official Bloggers:

If you are interested in getting the most promotion of your items at the Expo through our official bloggers, Blogger Boxes are for you! They will be in your merchant kit, are easy to set up, and will go out to all our Official Expo Bloggers.  Read more about this in the Merchant Guide To Bloggers.

Bloggers & Blogger Groups From All Over SL:

Special Blogger groups, totalling over 500 bloggers, and the Press will have early access to the sims – December 5.  You do not have to give out review copies unless you want to.   They will purchase directly from the RFL vendors if they wish to review any items. Please feel free to utilize your own brand bloggers by sending them your 100% RFL donation items as you like.

Prims (Land Impact LI) & Merchant Decorations:

Your prim count is based on the sponsorship level you reserved. Please keep your decorations inside your store.  The sim designer has worked long and hard to create our fantastic sims to make you proud to be a participant. By keeping your items inside, it is your way of saying “thank you” for your design efforts.

American Cancer Society (ACS) Christmas Expo Vendors

We do require two new items to be sold in our ACS Christmas Expo vendors, but we have found that most merchants/creators have always made an extra effort to include four or more.  We are very grateful to all merchants, especially those who go above and beyond with a third or fourth item.

Each sponsorship level allows a specific number of your own store SINGLE ITEM SIMPLE vendors  (ie: non networked) to be in your store. At this time, the ONLY networked vendor script permitted is the CasperVend2 / Event Vendor Script. This is only permitted in your own single stand-alone vendor (multi-item vendors and non CasperVend2 / Event Vendor Script vendors will be returned with our without warning). We want people to be able to move and visit your Expo shops…. help us help you!

You may choose to only your own store vendors out in addition to the two 100% ACS Christmas Expo vendors, however, if you wish to have more than your sponsorship level permits, you must use the 50% split ACS Christmas Expo Vendor in your kit.  You may use as many of these 50% vendors as you wish up to your prim limit.

Some merchants choose to have all vendors in their stores donating 100% to the Relay For Life of Second Life, some prefer a mixture.  It is up to the merchant.

Vendors, Gacha’s, Hunt Vendor:

Your vendor package will be delivered via group notice on Nov 5. You may also pick up up your vendor package at the SL Christmas Expo Merchant Centre (landmark provided upon registration).  The tools are no transfer.


We will have RFL Donation Kiosks throughout the SL Christmas Expo, you do not need to place any out.  However, if you would like to place one in your main store for the duration of the Expo, please feel free to do so. The ACS Christmas Expo kiosk will be included in your vendor package

Raffle Items:

Please send your Raffle Gift Certificate(s), and pictures (for the Gift Of Hope Mega), by November 20 at the absolute latest. The earlier you send them to us, the earlier we advertise your store.

Stocking Suffers Hunt

The ever-popular Stocking Stuffers are back this year.  Each merchant kit has a Stocking Stuffer vendor in it.  Simply place your item in and hang in your shop.  Visitors purchase for L$25.  You can have as many as you like.  Please send us a picture of the item and your shop name so we can promote it for you. November 20 deadline for pictures.  You are also welcome to hang the stockings in your main store for the duration of the expo.

Photos & Notecards for Advertising:

Please ensure you have sent us your photos & notecards of your required 100% donation items so we can promote them for you, this includes OOAK Breedables and Limited Edition Breedables.  Send us the photos of your Gotya items. Send us the photos of your Stocking Stuffer Item. We can’t promote your store if you don’t send us what we need to promote it.

Stuff …….

Please ensure you get all your required items to us in a timely manner. The elves are very busy preparing web pages, building buildings and paving the streets so the deadline of November 20 is important so they have proper time to prepare and promote for you. Photos, logos, etc received after November 20 cannot be guaranteed to be included in certain promotional areas. Help us help you!

Questions…. who do I ask?   Here is the list of our fantastic Elves who will be happy to assist.