Scripting Guidelines

We broke the guidelines down into sections to be easily accessible. However, you still will be agreeing that you understood and agreed to ALL guidelines, policies…. so please read it in its entirety here.


In an effort to make the Expo enjoyable for all individuals, we have Scripting Guidelines in effect to help both the Server Side and the Client-Side Lag.  If you have questions on any of the policies, please reach out to our Merchant Ambassadors and they will be pleased to help.

Also know that the Merchant Amabassarods will be present before, during and after Merchant Set Up reviewing script usage.  If they knock on your door to have something corrected, please listen to what they are saying. They are doing it for the betterment of all visitors and merchants.

We strongly recommend if you are placing an item out for display to do so without scripts or ensure they fall into the Low to Moderate script time listed below.


Yes Landmark Giver
Yes Group Joiner
No Temp Rezzers
No Greeters
No Listening Scripts
No Traffic Counters



Desired script time per item
Low < 0.05ms per item;
Moderate 0.05 – 0.1ms per item
High 0.1 – 0.5 ms per item;
Extreme > 0.5 ms per item

What does that mean?

Low – Moderate:
Going good!

High & Extreme:

  • Item is recorded with script time
  • You will be notified via IM & Notecard identifying the high scripted item
  • Assistance will be provided to help identify the item and see if there is a possible way to reduce script time. Ie: turn off scripts, remove scripts, replace the item with a non-scripted item.
  • The item will need to be removed if the script time cannot be reduced to low or moderate script time within 12 hours, or we have no response from you, whichever comes first.
  • If several items are found to be in the High and /or Extreme script time usage, those items may be returned without any wait period.
  • Script time in excess of 0.5 per item is not sustainable in the Mega Event environment.