Vendor Policies

We broke the guidelines down into sections to be easily accessible. However, you still will be agreeing that you understood and agreed to ALL guidelines, policies…. so please read it in its entirety here.

Vendor Policies:

  • You are required to use the provided ACS Christmas Expo Vendors for your two new 100% donated items.
  • You will be provided with both 100% and 50% ACS Christmas Expo Vendors.
  • You may have out as many additional 100% and/or 50% ACS Christmas Expo Vendors as you like, provided you do not go over your prim limit.  We encourage each merchant /creator to donate as many items as they can for sale in the ACS Christmas Expo vendors.
  • All items sold for 50% donation to the American Cancer Society MUST be sold in our Christmas Expo vendors. No other split vendors are permitted.  We cannot track total revenue the expo brings in if it is being sold through other vendors.  And we are unable to provide the security to patrons that the 50% is going to the Expo. You are required to use our 50% vendor for a reason.
  • The number of non ACS Christmas Expo vendors (ie: your own store vendors) permitted in your Expo store is determined by your shop size. Please read the merchant registration carefully. You will be asked to remove Vendors if you are over the registration limit.
  • Multi-Item vendors are NOT permitted and will be returned.

We want people to be able to move and visit your Expo shops…. help us help you!

  • ** IMPORTANT ** In an effort to reduce lag and provide an enjoyable shopping experience, the Expo requests merchants use simple single item prim vendors for your own 100% store items in lieu of networked systems.  While we recognize that networked systems work great in individual shop locations, the Expo is a very large event. Having several hundred networked vendors on one region, in addition to hundreds of ACS Christmas Vendors, places a high demand on an already busy sim server.
  • ** IMPORTANT **At this time, the ONLY networked vendor script permitted is the CasperVend2 / Event Vendor Script. This is only permitted in your own single stand-alone vendor (multi-item vendors and non CasperVend2 / Event Vendor Script vendors will be returned with our without warning).
  • Simple Single Item Vendors are easy to create and use.  Simply rez a prim, rename, retexture, drop an item in and set for sale! Easy Peasy, and NO SCRIPT LAG!

  • You will also receive our ACS Christmas Expo 50% split Gotya Machine in your merchant kit. (use is optional)
  • You may place out as many ACS Christmas Expo Gotya Machines with 50% split proceeds as you like. To be placed out at the Expo GOTYA area only, not in your Expo store.  (any non ACS Gotya machines, unless otherwise arranged & approved, regardless of location placement, will be returned)
  • GOTYA At Your Non Expo Store:  You can also place out the ACS Christmas Expo Christmas Gotya Machines at your main business location if you are a registered Expo Merchant. We ask you to please place out the SL Christmas Expo signage near the ACS Christmas Expo Gatcha Machine.  Please let us know if you are planning to do this so we can help advertise.

  • All content at the SL Christmas Expo must be rated for general or moderate audiences. Absolutely no adult content or nudity depicted in pictures, text or demonstration models. Adult versions of rezzable content may be sold in vendors only which clearly state the items are adult in nature. Skins are the only exception to nudity.  If you have to ask if it is allowed… it probably isn’t 🙂

Items not in compliance with the above may be returned without prior consent or any liability due to loss of any kind to the SL Christmas Expo, The Relay For Life of Second Life, The Relay For Life, or the American Cancer Society.