Debil Skute – Owner Dekute Dekore

Debil Skute

Where does your store name come from?
It’s actually my first and last name smooshed together. So just starting out and not really being super creative I struggled with a store name and that’s the best I could come up with at the time. lol

How did you get involved in the Christmas Expo?
It’s been so long I’m not positive how it happened. I think I started with the RFL Home & Garden Expo (no clue how I got started there) and then signed up for the Christmas Expo. ‘Cause why not, right?



Do you work with other charities and if so what are they? 
I recently joined the SOS (Spoonful of Sugar) Charity benefiting MSF/Doctors Without Boarders.

Why did you choose them?
My dear friend Ever Courtois invited me to join and I thought it was a good cause.

Everyone has a reason so Why do you relay?
When I was a young child I lost my grandmother to cancer. We weren’t super close at the time but I saw how devastated my mother was, that had a big impact on me. As I got older I felt the loss of not getting to know what a wonderful woman she truly was.

If you could TP in real life where would you go?
Antarctica… so I can “adopt” an Emperor Penguin.

What are you most proud of?
The fact that I’m still here and able to do all this!

Have you wrote to Santa? What did you ask for?  
Sadly I haven’t had time to this year. =(

Who is on your naughty list?
That list is much too long to write out! lol

What’s you favourite Christmas Carol?
I don’t really have just one favorite… I’d say my top 3 would be Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Silent Night.

If you could have just one wish, what would your heart desire?