Rose Mikaelson (djroseathena) – Athena Couture

Where does your store name come from?
This is an interesting question nobody has asked me before. My brand name came from the Greek Goddess Athena, also in my name and I happen to be part Greek. I first came up with the name for my brand back in 2011.

How did you get involved in the Christmas Expo?
This is my 3rd year participating. I was invited back in 2015 and have supported The Christmas Expo since and plan on continuing in the future. It is my favorite holiday event while lending a helping hand to Relay For Life of Second Life.

Do you work with other charities and if so what are they?
I have supported many charities over the years but the two charities I work for is Relay For Life of Second Life and Creation’s For Parkinson’s. I am proud to be the Coordinator for Fashion For Life (in support for RFL of SL) and Creation’s For Parkinson’s.

Why did you choose them?
I did not choose them they chose me because of my experience, skills, professionalism and having planned many charities in the past.

Everyone has a reason so Why do you relay?
I have Relayed for 6 years now. I started out as a volunteer, joined two teams, and now proudly the Coordinator of Fashion For Life. Why does anyone Relay? It’s because we have one thing in common. Everyone has been touched by cancer or have a family member who has been in the past or present.

Why Fashion?
I have loved fashion for a long long time, way before Second Life existed. In the beginning it was hard for me and for a long time I felt I couldn’t do it or feel worthy. Now 6 years later I’m happy I stuck to it and get to answer interview question such as this one.

What are you most proud of?
Despite all the good or bad I have been through I always managed to look to the future and keep on moving. I am proud I can accomplish anything I want when I put my mind to it.

Have you wrote to Santa? What did you ask for?
I do not need to write to Santa, I have everything I need and I am grateful for it. My children however will and they will probably ask for the latest gadgets and cool toys.

Who is on your naughty list?
It is a naughty list for a reason and I can not reveal that information lol

What’s your favorite Christmas Carol?
I actually do not have a favorite but their is an album I like to listen to from Michael Bublé Christmas Special. It makes me think of lights and snow sitting near the fireplace.

If you could have just one wish, what would your heart desire?
This is a difficult question for me to answer as I can’t really sum it up to one. However in the spirit of Christmas I would say all countries no matter where is to fix the world today for a better future.