Tazzie Tuque – Indigenous

TAZZ - Indigenous owner

Where does your store name come from?
Two things in play here, 1st I was one of the first folks to join SL within the first 2 years of it’s existance, therefore I am Indigenous to SL, and 2nd part of my heritage.

How did you get involved in the Christmas Expo?
through RFL involvement for many years in different ways, a member of RFL Volunteers.

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Do you work with other charities and if so what are they?
I do work with some, notably, Spoonfull of Sugar, KT Festival for Autism, Team Diabetes.

Why did you choose them?
Each of them has a very real reason to raise money for very real charities, my personal reasons for Christmas Expo RFL, I lost my Dad to cancer, Team Diabetes, I am diabetic, Spoonful of Sugar, I am a retired RN and believe in the work Doctors without Borders do, and KT Festival for Autism, because I believe every child deserves a fair shot at life.

Everyone has a reason so Why do you relay?
I lost my Dad to Cancer, my mom beat it, and so far I have escaped it, but I am very aware that it could strike at any time.. not just to me but anyone.. nasty disease that needs to be fought and I choose to fight through RFL.

What Quote do you use most?
I don’t as a rule use any quotes.

What are you most proud of?
Sticking it out in SL for 12 years as a designer and DJ. Sometimes SL can be cruel, not everyone’s heart is in the right place.

Have you written to Santa? What did you ask for?
No I haven’t written to Santa since age 8, and I wouldn’t ask him for anything since anything I would want I already have, or would be impossible for him to do.

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Who is on your naughty list?
I don’t have a naughty list

What’s you favourite Christmas Carol?
A toss up between The Huron Carol, and Ave Maria.

If you could have just one wish, what would your heart desire?
For all the leaders of our world, to suddenly be struck with a serious case of conscience, and put an end to all the wars.

Stop by and visit Indigenous at the Christmas Expo on Blvd St. Germaine