OOAK Auction Raises $5,450 US (L$1,363,000)

The OOAK Auction was held on Sunday Dec 15 at the SL Christmas Expo with 20 items in the line up, including several of SL’s finest breedables, the OOAK Linden Home Package and a last minute surprise addition from KittyCats!

The excitement of the auction came at the end when the OOAK Linden Home Package was up.  Bidding was intense and had everyone on the edge of their seat with thier eyes wide I am sure.

The OOAK Linden Home Package was won by Jica Batista for a whopping L$610,000!

The final OOAK Auction total was approx $5,450 US (L$1,262,000)

Congratulations to all winners in the auction!

Double Trouble – ABC Horse Auction – 10am slt Thursday@ The Expo

TP To The Auction

Skating At The Christmas Expo Pond

Bring your family, friends or that special someone to the Expo Skating Pond.  The ice is frozen, the air crisp, a perfect time day or night to enjoy the peaceful feeling of our expo skating pond. The pond, created by water flowing from the SL sea is surrounded by beautiful nature, special areas to sit and reflect or enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

Couples and singles skating options to give you a hands-free tour around the ponds or simply slip on your own skates and freestyle around the ice. Click Here For The Sleigh To The Pond

Snowman Building Contest – Open For Builders

Come pick your spot at the SL Christmas Expo’s 5th Annual Snowman Building Contest!  You have up to 30 prims to use. Building Dec 5 – 9. Voting Dec 10 – 14.  Judges Pick 1,2,3 and Popular Vote 1,2,3!  All proceeds support The American Cancer Society. Click here for more information.

EPIC OOAK Linden Home Auction @ 2019 SL Christmas Expo

 The American Cancer Society in Second Life® and Linden Lab, the Society’s partner in the fight against cancer, announced a BLOCKBUSTER AUCTION as part of Believe In The Magic of Christmas, the 9th Annual SL Christmas Expo

 The auction will be held during the Expo which runs from Dec 5th through the 15th and supports the Society mission to fight Childhood Cancer. One lucky bidder will receive a 6-month Premium Membership and a 4th Edition Linden Home with Exclusive Seasonal content and located on a special parcel designed just for them by LDPW Moles.  The auction is the fourth and final element of the Lab’s participation in this year’s Expo.  As previously announced the 4th Edition of the New Linden Homes will be revealed at the Expo, Linden homes will be decorated and take part in the annual Lights Of Hope house decoration contest, and the first-ever Ebbe Linden Bear will be revealed and available for a L$ 250 donation to the American Cancer Society, toward the Expo’s goal of raising $20,000 to provide VR Headsets to be used by kids undergoing cancer treatments.

Silent bidding on all OOAKs begins Dec 5th, with final Open Auction Bidding starting at 10am Dec 15th.

 “We are grateful to Linden Lab for their invaluable support of the Expo,” Expo Director Nuala Maracas stated. “Every aspect of this year’s Linden Lab participation will help us not only reach our goal of $20,000, but will also help make more residents familiar with all the programs available at American Cancer Society here in Second Life® and in the organic world.”

In addition to the Linden Homes and Ebbe Bear, this year’s Expo will feature more than 170 merchants, spread over 12 regions, and bringing every aspect of SL living to the event.  Fashion, Childrens shops, breedables and home and garden are only part of the excitement. Nearly non-stop entertainment, Christmas trees, a Snowman Contest, a Kids Fashion Runway Show, winter activities, gachas and raffles are also on tap at the largest and best known Christmas Event on the grid.  There will also be a Stocking Stuffer Hunt and the Magic of Christmas Mega Raffle with more than L$ 155,000 of gift certificates!

Help bring the Magic of Christmas to children with cancer by attending the 2019 SL Christmas Expo, December 5th – 15th.

The American Cancer Society is the world’s leader in the Fight Against Cancer. All proceeds from the 2019 SL Christmas Expo supports the Society and its efforts to provide research to end and support for those affected by childhood cancers.  For more information about the Expo visit www.slchristmasexpo.com.

Need help with cancer? Needs answers or information? Visit the American Cancer Society region in Second Life®, call 800-227-2345, or www.cancer.org.

It’s Just Around The Corner!

Do You Believe In The Magic Of Christmas?

Do you Believe in Tinsel and Garland?
In Jinglin’ Bells?
Trimmed Trees and Sparkling Lights?
Stockings Hung With Care?
Peace on Earth and Good Will?
Do You Believe in The Magic of Christmas?
It’s Just Around the Corner – The 9th Annual SL Christmas Expo
Helping the American Cancer Society and Children With Cancer!
Mark Your Calendars for December 5th to 15th
And Give The Gift Of Hope this Holiday Season!

Ebbe Linden Bear To Debut @ 2019 SL Christmas Expo

Linden Lab is doing its part to add to the Magic Of Christmas in Second Life, and help the American Cancer Society fight Childhood Cancer.   Already a partner in the fight against cancer, the Lab is joining in the Expo goal to provide at least $20,000 for VR Headsets for kids in treatment.


As already announced, Linden Lab will be revealing their 4th Edition of the coveted Linden Homes and taking part in the Lights Of Hope Holiday Home Decorating Contest.


And Now Even Bigger News!  Since becoming CEO in 2014 Ebbe Linden is the lone Linden without his own bear… until now!  A Very Special EBBE LINDEN BEAR will be available during the 2019 SL Christmas Expo for a L$250 donation to the American Cancer Society.   Linden Bear collectors take note!  The design of the bear will be revealed on Dec 5th at the opening of the Expo so do not miss out on this opportunity!


More Than 150 Merchants! Breedables! Entertainment! Linden Home Reveal! Don’t miss The All I Want For Christmas Kids Fashion Runway Show, Lights of Hope Christmas Decoration Show and HUGE Raffles, The 2019 SL Christmas Expo is the place to be!


Mark Your Calendars for Dec 5 – 15 and Believe in The Magic of Christmas!


The SL Christmas Expo is in support of the American Cancer Society and its Childhood Cancer programs.  For More Information visit http://slchristmasexpo.com or the ACS Campus in Second Life 


The American Cancer Society and SL Christmas Expo announced today that all donations to the “Believe in The Magic of Christmas”, the 9th Annual Christmas Expo, in support of the Expo’s mission to Fight Childhood Cancer, will be dedicated to help provide funding for VR Headsets for childhood cancer patients. Along with Linden Lab, their partner in the fight against cancer, and our sponsors and participants, the Expo will be working to reach the Goal of $20,000 to help fund the Society’s VR Headset program for pediatric patients undergoing cancer treatment.


The American Cancer Society and Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA) have partnered to provide virtual reality (VR) headsets for pediatric cancer patients to use while undergoing various cancer treatments within the hospital.

  • For over 100 years, the American Cancer Society has provided patient services to improve the lives of cancer patients. The virtual reality pediatric program uses innovative technology to further expand the services offered to pediatric cancer patients in an extremely impactful and relevant way.
  • Research suggests that ideal distraction tasks consume some portion of attentional resources so that less cognitive capacity remains available for processing pain. 
  • Distraction is a pain management technique that has been shown to successfully reduce pain and behavioral distress in children during invasive medical procedures. VR distraction is a promising intervention for children undergoing painful medical procedures and is an ideal distractor for procedure-related pain because it competes for attention resources in multiple sensory domains and provides visual and auditory sensory blocking of external stimuli...
  • 19 studies across nearly 1,000 articles have explored the effects of VR interventions with cancer patients. These studies found:
    • VR improved patients’ emotional well-being
    • A reduction in patients’ distress in terms of cancer-related psychological symptoms.
    • A significant decrease in anxiety, distress, and fatigue immediately after chemotherapy sessions with VR

 With more than 100 Merchants, Raffles, Breedables & One Of A Kind Auctions, Gotchas Hunts and Entertainment, games, contests and fun, the 10 day Expo, which runs from Dec 5th through 15th, is the Premier Holiday Experience in Second Life.  This year’s Expo will also feature the reveal of the long awaited 4th Edition Linden Homes and special content provided by our partner, Linden Lab. The Lights of Hope House Decorating Contest will also return for a 2nd year. The Expo will conclude with the 11th Annual Holidays of Hope Ball.

Do not miss out on Believe in The Magic of Christmas, the 2019 Second Life Christmas Expo, December 5th through the 15th, in support of the American Cancer Society.

Give The Gift of Hope and Fight Childhood Cancer!

Registration is underway and going fast! Sign up now for a store, shop or booth, and join some of Second Life’s premier merchants as a sponsor! For More Information or to reserve your store visit: https://slchristmasexpo.com or contact Nuala Maracas in world.

Thank You All !

On behalf of the American Cancer Society and the Kenyatta Hope Hostel Patient Navigator Program, I thank you all for the amazing job you’ve done on the 2018 SL Christmas Expo.

This has been the biggest and best Christmas Expo to date.
We had more than 1600 vendors on the sims, more than 120 merchants, 80 hours of performances, and a fantastic auction! Raising $20,495 USD! 

Working together as we all did we have been able to fund 2 Patient Navigator Positions at the Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Treatment Centre and have been able to Give The Gift Of Hope to so many who need it.

Thank you again

Nuala Maracas
SL Christmas Expo Coordinator


Thank you to all our merchants who spent much time creating the special items just for Expo.

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations
Absinthe & Others
Adorably Strange Wares
Alli&Ali Designs
Allure Couture
Artisan Fantasy & On A Lark (joint occupancy)
Ashbourne & Co Fine Jewellers
Barretts Furry Depository
BattleBeast Breedables
Beyond majestic: The fantasy side of life
Broken Creek Decor
Candy Kitten
Champion Horses
Charisma’s Designs
Cleo Design
..:: CODED ::..
Cog & Fleur
Cupids Textures
Dandelion Daydreams Factory
*DBS* Designs By Soosy
Dekute Dekore
Demonic angel Designs
Dench Designs
Digital Farm System (DFS)
DIVIAs Design
[Drac] Costumes & Couture
DragonLadyShinobiaa´s Gothic&Vampire needs
EBDesign for Builders, Creators and Consumers
=ED= Eagle Designs Clothing & Weapons
EED Home&Garden
Elite Equestrian
Enticing Designs
Fae Fantasy Creations
Fairey Angel Creations
Feyline Fashions
Fashiowl Poses
!! Follow US !!
Gable Original Mesh
Get Frocked
glitter & doom
Good Furniture
Gypsy Wolf
. Harvest Moon .
Heartsdale Jewellery
Home Whimsy
Journey Kids
Kenzie Kytori Designs
King’s Kitchen
{K::S} Kiva Studios Boutique
LC Fashion
Legendaire Store
Libertine by Fallen Gods Inc.
Llama Inc
.::LUNA::. Body Art
Magnum Opus
Mara’s Mysteries
Miss Darcy
Nala Design
Obsidian Chimeras Main Store
OMG! Inc.
oYo Breedables
Pacifica Fashion
Pink Pearl Designs
Purple Moon Seasoning Decorations
River Beds
Rockin Rock’s Tats/Behind The Lens
Roped Passions
Simple Reflections
Something New
Stray Cats Breedables
Stones Throw Breedables & Rentals
Stone’s Works
~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Tara’s Creations
Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (TFF)
TKO Designs
Tone 2
The Brat Rack
The Makeover Agency
│T│L│C│ Home Collection
Township of Magical Mariposa
*TRB* – A Woman’s Touch
TRS Designs
The Emporium
Velvet Whip
Warrior Variety Store
Wild Things Obsidian Chimeras
Winx Trivium
Woodget’s Breeders Tools
Unity Maxim
You Got The Look
Zuri Jewelry
{xoxo} Poses

Gift Of Hope Hunt L$15,000 Prizes @ The Expo

Meet Hope and embark on a journey to learn about the Patient Navigator Program.  Turn on your media and listen to the story or read the notecards.  Collect all 10 presents and return to the Redemption Centre to choose a gift from one of 30 participating Expo Merchants.  Get a new hud and do the hunt again and choose another certificate.   Hunt runs until 7pm slt Sunday Dec 9 .

Read more here