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Director, Global Stakeholder Engagement – Thank You To SL Christmas Expo

Dear Relayers,

I have been hearing about the incredible work you are doing in Second Life with the Christmas Expo, and your dedication to the critical mission of supporting the Patient Navigator Program at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. On behalf of our Key Partners at KNH, the entire American Cancer Society and of the people in Kenya whose lives will be immeasurably improved by your efforts, Thank You!

It seems to me so very appropriate that you come together as Relayers in this Holiday Season. The unifying theme of celebrations the world over at this time of year is one of hope in times of struggle. They are all about finding the light, nurturing it, protecting it when the dark of night is upon us. Each of you adds to that light, and together you are a bonfire – a beacon that Survivors and Caregivers around the world look to and which gives them the strength to continue their journey.

There is no greater gift.

With deep respect,

Kristen Solt
Director, Global Stakeholder Engagement
American Cancer Society

Thank You All !

On behalf of the American Cancer Society and the Kenyatta Hope Hostel Patient Navigator Program, I thank you all for the amazing job you’ve done on the 2018 SL Christmas Expo.

This has been the biggest and best Christmas Expo to date.
We had more than 1600 vendors on the sims, more than 120 merchants, 80 hours of performances, and a fantastic auction! Raising $20,495 USD! 

Working together as we all did we have been able to fund 2 Patient Navigator Positions at the Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Treatment Centre and have been able to Give The Gift Of Hope to so many who need it.

Thank you again

Nuala Maracas
SL Christmas Expo Coordinator


Thank you to all our merchants who spent much time creating the special items just for Expo.

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations
Absinthe & Others
Adorably Strange Wares
Alli&Ali Designs
Allure Couture
Artisan Fantasy & On A Lark (joint occupancy)
Ashbourne & Co Fine Jewellers
Barretts Furry Depository
BattleBeast Breedables
Beyond majestic: The fantasy side of life
Broken Creek Decor
Candy Kitten
Champion Horses
Charisma’s Designs
Cleo Design
..:: CODED ::..
Cog & Fleur
Cupids Textures
Dandelion Daydreams Factory
*DBS* Designs By Soosy
Dekute Dekore
Demonic angel Designs
Dench Designs
Digital Farm System (DFS)
DIVIAs Design
[Drac] Costumes & Couture
DragonLadyShinobiaa´s Gothic&Vampire needs
EBDesign for Builders, Creators and Consumers
=ED= Eagle Designs Clothing & Weapons
EED Home&Garden
Elite Equestrian
Enticing Designs
Fae Fantasy Creations
Fairey Angel Creations
Feyline Fashions
Fashiowl Poses
!! Follow US !!
Gable Original Mesh
Get Frocked
glitter & doom
Good Furniture
Gypsy Wolf
. Harvest Moon .
Heartsdale Jewellery
Home Whimsy
Journey Kids
Kenzie Kytori Designs
King’s Kitchen
{K::S} Kiva Studios Boutique
LC Fashion
Legendaire Store
Libertine by Fallen Gods Inc.
Llama Inc
.::LUNA::. Body Art
Magnum Opus
Mara’s Mysteries
Miss Darcy
Nala Design
Obsidian Chimeras Main Store
OMG! Inc.
oYo Breedables
Pacifica Fashion
Pink Pearl Designs
Purple Moon Seasoning Decorations
River Beds
Rockin Rock’s Tats/Behind The Lens
Roped Passions
Simple Reflections
Something New
Stray Cats Breedables
Stones Throw Breedables & Rentals
Stone’s Works
~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Tara’s Creations
Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (TFF)
TKO Designs
Tone 2
The Brat Rack
The Makeover Agency
│T│L│C│ Home Collection
Township of Magical Mariposa
*TRB* – A Woman’s Touch
TRS Designs
The Emporium
Velvet Whip
Warrior Variety Store
Wild Things Obsidian Chimeras
Winx Trivium
Woodget’s Breeders Tools
Unity Maxim
You Got The Look
Zuri Jewelry
{xoxo} Poses

2018 Snowman Contest Winners

Thank you for participating in the 2018 2018 Snowman Contest !
It was a very close competition!

As usual:

Everyone who built a Snowman will receive a prize and a Trophy ( if you don’t receive a prize within the next 48 hours, please contact Sidonie Carlberg)

– The Second runner-up — 3rd place — Bronze Winner: Amaya Elessar (The Snow Gnome )
– The runner-up — 2nd place — Silver Winner: Roswenthe Aluveaux (Grandma Snow)

Winner by Jury Vote: Marissa “Mari” Ancalinon ( The Snow Dragon Hatchling )

Winner by Popular Vote: Kitty Gumbo ( The Snow Couple)

Congratulations !

OOAK Breedable Auction Raises L$1,272,200 or $5,090 USD

What am amazing live auction at the Expo today. The excitement and energy was so great to feel again!  Everyone was so engaged!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who helped out. To our sponsors Obsidian Chimera and Battlebeast. To all creators and their staff. To the Christmas Expo Staff!

Thank you to…

Battlebeast- Hikari Shade and Battlebeast Resident
Obsidian Chimera- Damien Dusk
KittyCatS- Callie Cline and Kitten Longmeadow
Buildables- Aries Westland
EVO- KhrysT Neox, GClef, Rita
Teegle- Teager Resident
Elite Equestrian- H0neyHeart Resident
Cannabis- DJEAUX and GLEAUX
StrayCats- Nicolyti
Champion Horses- Nicolyti

Sim Designer- Hikari Shade
Christmas Expo Coordinator- Nuala Maracas
Volunteers for Auction: Aurora Vastranad, Sandie Slate, Madonna Dahelie, Nuala Maracas, Hikari Shade, Sidonie Carlberg, Gem Sunkiller, Kitty Gumbo, Cuddly Waffle, Trader1 Whiplash

Our Amazing Auctioneer: Buk Caro (geyser67)


1. Stray Cats- 76,000
2. Champion Horses- 7,500
3. Cannabis- 52,000
5. Battlebeast- 65,000
6. Battlebeast- 80,000
7. Obsidian Chimera- 28,000
8. Obsidian Chimera- 32,000
9. Obsidian Chimera- 40,000
10. Teegle- 110,000
11. Teegle- 80,000
12. Buildables- 26,000
13. Buildables- 16,000
14. Buildables- 25,000
15. EVO- 27,000
16. EVO- 15,000
17. EVO- 10,000
18. Elite Equestrian- 6000
19. Elite Equestrian- 5000
20. Elite Equestrian- 2500
21. Elite Equestrian- 6100
22. Elite Equestrian- 3100
23. Elite Equestrian- 10000
24. KittyCatS- 232,000
25. Obsidian Chimera- 51,000
26. KittyCatS- 266,000

TOTAL: 1,272,200 linden or approximately $5,090 USD

Again.. thank you!

Lights Of Hope Home Decoration Winners

Second Life’s premier builders joined the SL Christmas Expo to present the 1st Annual LIGHTS OF HOPE Home Decoration Contest.

The top 3 vote getters:

1st Place with $9,060 …. Varriale Designs 

2nd Place with L$8,064 The Griswald House – ACS & Relay For Life Staff! 

3rd Place with L$7,160 Potomac Homes

Thank you to all our home builders !

You can view all the homes here 

Entertainment Line Up Saturday Dec 8 @ The Expo

𝄞  ♬ ♫    ♪   

Saturday , December 08, 2018

  • 12pm to 2pm slt – The Dazzlers – Dance Troupe   
  • 2pm to 3pm slt –  FlyGearz – FlashMob Dance & Show
  • 3pm to 4pm slt –  Tril MacLeod
  • 4pm to 5pm slt –  Kayla Flow  – Live
  • 5pm to 6pm slt –  Billie Lynn Siodman – Live

  • Saturday Night Live @  Expo Sponsored By MacLintons Pub
  • 6pm to 7pm slt –  EffinJay
  • 7pm to 8pm slt –  Maximillion Kleene & Hojo Wharf
  • 8pm to 9pm slt –   Kris Composer

𝄞  ♬ ♫    ♪   

At The Holly Jolly Cafe

KittyCats Auction – Today 10am slt @ The Expo

House of Heartsdale – KittyCatAuction
Saturday December 8   10am slt

Rumour has it there are some special kittycats in this auction!
Teleport to Breedable Auctions Area

KittyCat Auction – Sat Dec 8 10am slt @ The Expo

House of Heartsdale – KittyCatAuction
Saturday December 8   10am slt

Rumour has it there are some special kittycats in this auction!
Teleport to Breedable Auctions Area

Entertainment Line Up – Friday Dec 7 @ The Expo

𝄞   ♫    ♪   

Friday, December 7, 2018

  • Greased Lightning Sponsors
  • 3pm to 4pm slt – Maribol Inshan – Live
  • 4pm to 6pm slt –  DJ Ripster
  • 6pm to 7pm slt –  Bill Tigerpaw – Live

  • 7pm to 8pm slt –  Chris Quan – Live
  • 8pm to 9pm slt –  Stephanniya Sinatra – Live

𝄞  ♬ ♫    ♪   

At The Holly Jolly Cafe

Papillon Breedables Auction- Friday Dec 7 6pm slt @ The Expo

Click to go to auction area