Complimentary Shop – Breedables

Yes you read that right! Breedable Creators you can get a free shop and an additional display area …here is what you need to do…

Provide a minimum of 1 One Of A Kind (OOAK) Breedable for auction at the Expo (100% proceeds to the American Cancer Society)
Provide a minimum of 2 New Limited Edition (LE) Breedables (100% proceeds to the American Cancer Society).*New Limited Edition means a new breedable only available at the Expo. (you cannot sell the breedable anywhere else before, during, or after the expo)

You will get you choice of a 24 x 24 indoor or outdoor shop* with 300 prims AND an additional 10 x 10 display area with 100 prims at the Christmas  Bazaar area.

To receive a free shop, as described above, and an additional 20 x 20 outdoor display area with 200 prims near the Breedables Auction venue simply provide both the OOAK Breedable and the 2 New Limited Edition Breedables.

You may choose to have your free shop in an outdoor themed area or in a more urban themed setting.

In addition to your free shop and additional display area, you will also receive:

  • Logo (Medium) on sponsor page of Christmas Expo website with SLURL to your main shop
  • Logo (Medium) and SLURL to the Expo shop in our online shopping guide
  • Logo (Medium) & TP to Christmas Expo shop at landing area
  • Promotion of your One Of A Kind (OOAK) Breedable or 2 Limited Edition Breedables on our social media, on our webpage, and in the online Visitors Guidebook.
  • You may have up to 8 NON-RFL Vendors (single item simple vendors – 100% to your store) in your shop
  • You may have up to 2 NON-RFL Vendors in your additional 10 x 10 display area and up to 4 NON-RFL Vendors in your additional 20 x 20 display area.
  • As many additional 100% and/or 50%  RFL donation vendors as you like, provided you do not go over your prim limit.  We encourage each merchant Creator to donate as many items as they can for sale in the Relay For Life vendors.