Brand Specific Auction

Each Breedable Creator merchant has the option to participate in a Brand Specific Breedables Auction. This auction will be promoted as being sponsored by your breedable company and auction only your brands breedables.

We encourage creators to donate “specials” for their auctions, but not required. High traited breedables, breedables that have been recolored or have unique or rare traits and showcase your best work are suggested. These do not have to be OOAK, LE, New or Exclusive.

As you know your breedable market and patrons best, we ask you to organize the auction. We will be more than pleased to assist you in finding an auctioneer if needed.

We will require full permission pictures and notecards on any special breedables in the auction, or any additional promotional textures you may be using, so we can provide additional promotion in as many areas as we can.

Auctions must be booked by November 20

100% of sale proceeds from the auction goes to Relay For Life. We will have a Relay For Life Kiosk at the front of the auction where payment is made by the winning bidder. You will be able to track how much your auction has made for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

Auction times are blocked in 4 hour time slots. 1 hour for set up and preview. Max 3 hours for auction and clean up.

You may book more than one auction date if you have more than one type of breedable, or wish to do 2 auctions.

Please complete the Brand Specific Breedable Auction Form to reserve your time.