OOAK Breedables

One Of A Kind (OOK) Silent Auction   CLICK HERE TO TP

 The highly anticipated OOAK Breedables are back this year with the Winter Breedables Fair.  Breedable Creators have given generously of their time and of their hearts to create these special One Of A Kind Breedables.

This much anticipated OOAK event raises, on average, over L$2.5 Million ($8,000 USD) annually in support of the  Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.

The list is growing every day as more OOAK Breedables make their way to the Silent Auction Area located in the main Breedable Auction Area.

Bidding opens Thursday, December 1, 2016, 6am SLT and Closes Sunday, December 11, 6am SLT

100% of auction proceeds go to Relay For Life.

Here are the fantastic One Of A Kind Breedables. Please check back as more will be added.


Stray Cats Breedables:    2016 RFL OOAK Wintersilver Snowflakes

Pelt:  RFL 2016 One Of A Kind Wintersilver Snowflakes*
Eye Color:  Sparkle Sapphire
Eye Shape: Kawaii
Pupil:  Ring
Ears:  Lazy
Tail:  Fox
Shade:  Icicle*
Body:  Standard




Bands Of Cypher:    white Reindeer Yumi



Yumis are the flutter creatures of the Nether world; their genetics allow them to be masters of camouflage.  

They love to blend in with human festivities.

Meet the white Reindeer Yumi!




The WINTERS NIGHT LIPIZZAN is a One Of A Kind Dressage Horse created exclusively for the Relay For Life  and Winter Breedables Fair 2016.







WK Wild Kajaera:    OOAK RFL Tigger

OOAK RFL Tigger with OOAK Believe 2016 Eyes




BattleBeast Breedbles:    Rudolph Dragon



Breed: Rudolph Reindragon Special Edition
Eyes: Reindragon Reflection Limited






RFL Icy Sneaux SilverOur 2016 One-of-a-Kind release is RFL ICY SNEAUX with the unique SILVER TWINKLIES effect. Medium-sized, slow growing high potency outdoor plants. The OOAK package includes a dozen seeds — enough to start a pure-strain grow — with at least one “guaranteed” male, along with a ton of other goodies from our catalog (Deluxe Liquid Plant Food, Frozen Quadraoctoplot, and more)!


Buildables:    D-Fly RFL  Max Level 6 with Particles and a Flutter RFL Max Level 6 with Particles