2018 Breedables Sponsorship Packages


This year’s theme is the Sounds Of The Season.

Music is the staple of the holiday season. From traditional carols to modern-day songs, music is a catalyst that helps us draw together in harmony.  The Sounds Of The Season create an strong and long lasting emotional connection to the stories of the songs. Those stories create worlds that we can live in.  You can’t go back to that perfect Christmas you had when you were 10 but the music from the Sounds Of The Season become a tradition that connects us to a familiar past.



This season participants in Sounds of The Season, the 2018 Christmas Expo, will be giving the Gift Of Hope to cancer patients in Africa. In partnership with the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), the American Cancer Society is building a 62 bed Hope Hostel in Nairobi, Kenya.    Now, in continuation of Relay For Life of Second Life’s Global Outreach the 2018 Expo will be dedicating our entire fundraising proceeds to help fund assistance for cancer patients by providing for two Patient Navigators at KNH.


All sponsorship donations (registration) are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please read and choose your level carefully.

Event Guidelines are at the bottom of this page. Please ensure you have read them.   Please turn movement and hover text off on all breedables.

Returning 2017 merchants receive a 10% discount as a thank you for your continuing support

Sponsor Requirements

We have options! Options 1, 2 or 3 will give you complimentary shop space.  For more space/ prims/advertising, we suggest sponsoring one of the Navigator Packages along with choosing Option 1, 2, or 3. Not doing a OOAK or LE…. see our regular Navigator packages below.

OPTION 1: Provide MINIMUM of one 100% proceed One Of A Kind Breedable for our OOAK Silent Auction and you will receive a 20 x 20 space with 300 prims and all the benefits listed below.  You will receive an additional 20 x 20 space and 300 prims for each additional OOAK Breedable you provide for Auction.

OPTION 2: Provide MINIMUM of two 100% proceed New Limited Edition (LE) Breedables and you will receive a 20 x 20 space with 300 prims and all the benefits listed below.   You will receive an additional 20 x 20 space and 300 prims for each  two additional 100% proceed LE’s you provide. *New Limited Edition means a new breedable, or a new trait, only available at the Expo. (you cannot sell that specific breedable / trait anywhere else before, during, or after the expo).

OPTION 3: Choose BOTH Option 1 & Option 2 and and you will receive a 24 x 24 space with 500 prims and all the benefits listed below.   You will receive an additional 20 x 20 space and 300 prims for each additional OOAK Breedable or for every two LE Bredables you provide.

For package benefits, more information or to book please click below


* The SL Christmas Expo will provide RFL Vendors and Gotya’s to all our merchant.


Choose one of the Navigator packages (exclude bazaar) below and provide MINIMUM of two new 100% proceed items. These items are not required to be Exclusive to the Expo, although our shoppers highly appreciate your Exclusive creations.  Exclusive means the item cannot be sold before the event, can be sold only at the Christmas for the duration of the event, and can then be sold after the event as you choose.  Unique versions of previous quality works or items representing your best work are preferred, though not required. This is a chance to showcase your talent. This option is perfect for those who design accessories, buildings, display areas, etc for breedables. 

This option is also great  for those breedable creators who choose option 1, 2 or 3 above but need a larger space, more prims, want additional advertising or simply want to provide more support towards the Kenyatta Patient Navigator program.  We will simply add your complimentary shop space and prims to the Navigator Package you choose. If you are choosing Option 1, 2 or 3 above AND  are also taking a Navigator Package, you do not have to provide the  2  100% new required items. (It is always appreciated, but not required)

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Christmas Navigator Packages


Need a smaller area? Auction House? Market?



Hold An Auction At The Expo & Help Give The Gift Of Hope To A Cancer Patient In Keyna

We encourage all Breedable Creators and Auction Houses to show their support for the Relay For Life of Second Life and The American Cancer Society by holding one or more auctions at the Winter Breedables Fair. This auction will be promoted as being sponsored by your breedable store or auction house.

Hold one of your regular scheduled auctions, a high trait only auction or maybe a patron auction at the Winter Breeedables Fair Auction Area.

More information and how to book your Auction time visit Hold A Breedable Auction @ The Expo


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