Bronze Navigator Breedables Sponsor


Donation L$4,000 ($15 US)

200 prims
20 X 20 store footprint
Logo Size – Small
6 Own Store Single Item Vendors

~What We Will Do For You~

★ Logo placement on homepage of Christmas Expo
★ Logo on Sponsor Page of Christmas Expo website with TP to main store
★ One Billboard spot randomly placed at a location in the Expo
★ Listing on our Online Shopping Directory
★ Promotion of your OOAK Auction Breedable or 2 LE Breedables or 2 100% items on the website and social media
★ Logo and notecard giver at main Expo welcome area
★ Promotion on website and social media of your Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle, Stocking Stuffer, or Expo Hunt donation item(s) (if participating)

~ We ask you to please provide one or more item for one or more of the following ~ Optional if providing a OOAK or LE Breedable ~

  • Stocking Stuffer L$50 – L$100 value (100% donation) (Merchant places out in store . Expo provides box)
  • Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle (minimum L$500 value) (100% donation) (Gift cards only – transfer, no copy – Expo organizes)
  • Gift Of Hope Hunt (minimum L$500 value) (100% donation) (Gift cards only – transfer,  copy (we will set to no copy for next owner) – Expo collects and organizes)

~ Additional Benefits ~

  • At this level you may have 6 NON-RFL VENDORS (single item simple vendors – 100% TO YOUR STORE)
  • As many 100% and/or 50% RFL Christmas vendors as you like, provided you do not go over your prim limit. We encourage each merchant Creator to donate as many items as they can for sale in the Relay For Life vendors.
  • As many RFL Gotya Machines with 50% split proceeds as you like. To be placed out in our Gotya area only. (any non RFL Gotcha / Gotya machines will be returned)
  • NEW FOR 2018 – You many also place your 50% RFL Gotya Machine out at your main place of business outside the expo. We ask that you also place the SL Christmas Expo promotional sign near this Gotya and to please let us know so we can help promote for you.

All sponsorship donations (registration) are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please read and choose your level carefully.

Please ensure you have read and understood the

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