Hold A Breedable Auction @ The Expo

If you are a creator of breedables or simply own an auction house ……. The SL Christmas Expo has space for you!   

We encourage all Breedable Creators and Auction Houses to show their support for The American Cancer Society by holding one or more auctions at the SL Christmas Expo. This auction will be promoted as being sponsored by your breedable store or auction house.

Hold one of your regular scheduled auctions, a high trait only auction, or maybe a patron auction at the SL Christmas Expo Auction Area and help support the American Cancer Society Virtual Reality Program for Pediatric Cancer Patients undergoing cancer treatment

We ask that a minimum of 15 breedables be auctioned.

What is the cost to you?

Nothing, just the feel-good feeling of knowing you helped a childhood cancer patient reduce their anxiety and pain related to cancer treatment.

We provide the auction space at the expo and advertisement via the SL Christmas Expo webpage and social media.  We encourage you to advertise to your groups and patrons and help spread the word.

You will be responsible to organize the auction and provide the auctioneer.  All Auctions sales proceeds will go to the Society’s Virtual Reality Program for Pediatric Cancer Patients.  Instead of paying each owner the winning bid, the winners will simply pay the American Cancer Society SL Christmas Expo Kiosk located next to the auctioneer.  Once paid, the breedables owner can transfer the breedable to the winner.

All auctions must be booked by November 28.   To book your auction time please complete the  AUCTION RESERVATION FORM located here.

You do not have to purchase the Breedables or Christmas Bazaar Package to hold an auction. You do not have to be a merchant at the Expo.